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My name is Kevin Steen and I design and develop websites.

Website E-commerce

The main focus of my work is e-commerce. Whether you have a few products you want to experiment with, or thousands of products in a shop, I can design an e-commerce system for your website.

My e-commerce work includes the following:

Website Development

You will probably want your website to be more than an on-line brochure—you need things to happen! Whether it is a simple contact form, a private members' area, a slick photo gallery, Google Maps or sending text messages, these, and many other features, can be developed for your website. If you can describe it I will build it.

Website Design

The look and feel of your website has to reflect your company, its products and services and be suitable for your market. My aim is to achieve this using a style that is clear and professional, with navigation that is structured to the needs of the website visitor.

Rather than adding Search Engine Optimisation as an additional service, this is built-in to the structure of the website at the design stage. To ensure the best results I can provide advice on the content that you provide.


Have a browse of the portfolio, which shows some recent work involving e-commerce and database integration.

Any questions? Let me know.